Mechanic Trolley - (Animal Care Trolley)
Rubber Floor (Optional)
Rubber Floor (Optional)
Electric Motor + Rubber Floor (Optional)
Electric Motor + Rubber Floor (Optional)
Digital Scale (Optional)
Digital Scale (Optional)
Digital Scale (Optional)
Digital Scale (Optional)
Digital Scale (Optional)
Digital Scale (Optional)
Rubber Floor (Optional) Electric Motor + Rubber Floor (Optional) Digital Scale (Optional) Digital Scale (Optional) Digital Scale (Optional)

Material Hot dipped galvanized steel profile

Lifting System Mechanic

Width 90 cm.

Length 205 cm.

Height 205 cm.

Profile Dimensions 40 x 40 x 3 (mm)

Weight 180 kg.

Mobile Yes

Electric Motor (220 V) Optional

Digital Scale Optional

Rubber Floor Optional

Please read to Description section for details.


One of the diseases that affect animals and cause them to leave the herd in modern cattle farms is foot diseases.
The symptom of foot diseases is lameness. Because of these diseases, milk and meat yields are decreased and the number of animals that are forced to be slaughtered is quite high.
Animals with foot disease consume less feed and give less milk. In addition to this, pain and stress in animals negatively affect progeny yield.
In the researches, it was found that limping animals do not go to feed due to pain and do not eat at the desired level because they could barely stand for feed consumption even if they did.
A large part of foot diseases which affecting animal welfare and causing serious economic losses are due to the lack of foot and nail care in time.
With Sezer's animal care vehicle (Trolley), you can make your animals nail care effectively and easily.
Mechanical animal care vehicle; it is used to medical intervention, cleaning, foot care, etc. and Cattle are suspended from the front and back parts of the abdomen through belts.


• It has a portable design to moving free inside the barn.
• Front footrests are made of oak wood.
• The Neck opening and closing mechanism can be controlled by rope.
• The floor is covered with patterned (non-slip) sheet.
• Suitable for nail care and artificial insemination of cattle.
• Lifts the animal upward to maintain the front/rear feet with lifting mechanism.
• The system has locking gear and safety chains. The gear system does not leak back when the animal is raised and the chains are covered with protective sheet

Optional Features:
  • Digital Scale; Suitable for weighing livestock and moving loads. Intelligent dynamic weighing works with the algorithm principle. It has a total weighing memory of 100 units. It can weigh up to 1,500 kg.
  • Rubber Floor
  • Electric Motor - 220 V

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