• Material
    Rubber double layer and sponge mattress
  • Dimensions
    180 cm. across
  • Width
    180 cm.
  • Length
    According to demands of customers
  • Thickness
    3 cm.
  • Number of layers
    Double layers


Rubber animal mattresses are produced in different sizes (thickness between 2-2,5cm) according to demands of customers. Top side of mattress has a rhombus shaped pattern & bottom side has channels to provide liquid flow.
• Suitable for animal health. Avoids front leg diseases and wounds caused by rubbing
• Keeps lower side and especially teat of animal clean.
• Increases milk yield with high quality rest.
• With isolation feature protects against cold during winter and hot in summer.
• Elastic surface radiate whale weight and provide relief during lying and stand up.

Rolled Type Rubber Mattresses

Rolled type rubber mats have 3 models suitable for animal comfort:
Type 1: thickness: 37mm, width: 180 cm (double coat)
Type 2: thickness: 22mm(+-2mm), width: 154-180-190cm
Type 3: thickness: 25mm (+-2mm), width: 205-220-240 cm
Rubber belts or rubber middle belts can be used an connection points or at turnings.

Other Features

Rhombus Shaped Pattern and Pebbled Surface, Viol Pattern