S-Calf Milk Taxi 250 L. (With Pasteurizer)

Capacity 250 Lt.

Motor Power 0,37 kW

Mobile Yes, wheeled

Distribution System Automatic dispensing feature in specified liters

Pasteurizer Yes

Other Features:
• With Pasteurizer
* 5 different program options; open mode, pasteurization mode, heating mode, service mode and washing mode.
* Complete stainless steel double wall body.
• Suitable for use with milk powder or milk.
* Heating is provided by 3 pieces 2 KW resistors.
* Cooling will be done automatically with mains water and electronic on-off valve.
• Thermostat circuit is available to maintain the temperature of the feed. The machine maintains the milk at a temperature of 38 ° C.
• During the distribution  (even when the machine is unplugged), the temperature of the milk / milk in the hopper can be seen on the digital display.
• 4 wheels on the machine provide easy movement inside and outside the barn.
• Imported, suitable for milk distribution and calibrated hand pump with 1/2 lt./min flow capacity according to density. There is a digital flow indicator that electronically displays the amount of milk supplied to calves and can be reset at any time.
• There is a drain valve behind the milk tank.
• There is a rechargeable battery system on the machine to start the pump when it is unplugged.
* Automatic washing. 

Pasteurized Calf Feeding Machine - MilkTaxi User Manual Download

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