Nedap Velos Heat Detection And Health Monitoring
Nedap Velos Heat Detection And Health Monitoring

-  A device, called the lactivator, is attached to the foot or neck of the cows. Lactivators are the identity of the cow in the face of heat and health monitoring.

-  An effective antenna and control box with a diameter of 150 meters is installed inside the barn. The effective range is increased by using more antennas in stalls greater than 150 meters.

-  Lactivators record the cow's movements during the day and collect them in memory.

-  The collected information is transferred to the system instantly (5 minutes apart) and via the antenna located in the barn.

-  The system interprets the information collected and compares it with the past and send the user reports and alerts about the heat and health status of that animal.

-  Velos is the most accurate heat monitoring system in the world with optimum insemination time indicator.


Basic Functions:

- Heat Monitoring
- Animal Behavior and Health Status


  • - Your cow has a particular activity on a daily basis, during the day: eating, drinking water, walking, resting are recorded instantly thanks to the identification device. 

  • - The behavior of an heat animal is quite different from its normal behavior. Activity measurement and individual behaviors are observed with the identification device.

  • - Experienced eyes can capture different behaviors and heat of animals in small herds. However, it is almost impossible to detect with large herds.

  • - This information, which is sent from the identification device to the host via the antenna in the barn, is processed by the system and the average of the individual mobility of your cows is calculated. With this calculation you can accurately detect the cow's heat.

  • - The antenna, which is mounted in each barn, monitors the activity values of each animal in the barn and navigation area and transmits it to the host computer with an effective distance of 150 meters in diameter.

  • - Second antenna is used in long barn.

  • - The Velos program detects the animal's rise in activity. If instant mobility has not reached sufficient level, the system issues a “suspicion of heat” warning and if it has reached sufficient level heat warning.

    - With the filter feature, you may not receive heat warning from your animals during the pregnant and voluntary waiting time if you wish.

  • - Velos program conducts health monitoring on the basis of Group and individual animals according to animal movements.
  • - If necessary, sends a warning to the user.
Within the scope of health monitoring;

- In a farm using a leg lactivator, the number of steps, number of stand up and time of lying for animals can be seen on the basis of individual, group and herd average.

- In a farm using neck lactivator, the feeding time and rumination time of animals can be seen on the basis of individual, group and herd average.