Cow Calving (Birth) Trolley

Material: Cadmium Plated Sheet

Sheet Size: 1 mm.

Birth Tub Length: 73,7 cm

Birth Tub Width: 38,4 cm

Birth Tub Depth: 18,7 cm

Sezer calving (birth) trolley is used to assist the cows to calve more easily by one person. Its design makes it possible for you to use it when the cow's calving at both the standing and lying position. The calf pulling trolley looks like a long narrow wheelbarrow, with a wheel at one end and with handles at the other end. 

How To Use :

◊ The handle at the end of the unit is fitted over the rear end of a cow.
◊ The straps of the trolley are attached to the calf's feet and to remove the calf, they are pulled by turning the wheel.
◊ The wheel lets you feel the contractions of the cow. The pin and lock system on the wheel prevents the wheel from turning back.
◊ Once the calf is out, it is pulled to the birth tub so it does not fall to the floor. In this way, any calf injuries and wounds that may occur during birth are prevented.

◊ The unit can also be used to move the calf around and to hang it by its feet when needed in case of dyspnoea.
◊ The arm length can be extended and shortened according to the animal with the pin system on the machine.

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