Under Tank Weighing Systems

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It is a weighing scale system that electronically measures the collected milk in liter or kilogram. Just because the weighing is measured by electronically, the system gives very accurate and reliable results. Thanks to this system producers and collectors can do more reliable business without any possible conflicts.
It eases tracking of the scales with the reporting options. Reports can be received between two dates per day and monthly on a total and individual basis.
Thanks to the newly developed electronic card system, the manufacturers make their milk by having them read the card to the device. Records and reports are kept in the SQL database with the Uzay Sütsoft program running on the Windows base.

Under Tank Weighing System Specifications

1-Robust, Heavy duty IP 68 classified load cell
2-OIML certificate
3-Adaptable to every kind and sizes of tanks
4-Easy and accurate weighing
5-High rate accuracy 
6-Economic solution
7-Has the same specifications of milk scales 

General Specifications of Milk Scales

1- Weighing Boiler
2- Kabul Boiler
3- ome Filter
4- Mini Printer
5- Auromatic Tare
6- Viewing Customer Number, Kg, Liter together at the same time
7- Printing Company Info to the receipt
8- Unlimited Producer Registration
9- General Cumulative Total
10- End of day Report
11- In day milking Report
12- Reporting for Date Interval
13- Reporting for Milk Type
14- Receiving Reports from Printer or PC
15- Entering Density Parameter
16- Getting Milk According to the Different Densities
17- External Display
18- On Vehicle Working
19- Smart Card System
20-Display with Accumulator (Optional)
21- Full A304 ome
22- Adjustable ome Leg

Milk Collection Program

The manufacturer pours the milk brought into the weighing chamber by swiping the smart card.
The person's previously saved information and the amount of spilled milk will appear on the monitor screen in litres.
Thanks to the easy-to-use buttons on the Program, the reports are made with one button.
 With extensive reporting options, it provides a great convenience to manufacturers and companies.
Smart cards are definitely not copied.
Thanks to the Advanced program, information can be exchanged via e-mail or by using the program interface for long distances.
Users have the ability to develop a custom optional program.

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