Uniform Agri Dairy Farm Management Software

The core product of UNIFORM-Agri is the herd management software for dairy cows. UA provides the complete herd management package for the dairy farmer. With quick one screen data entry UNIFORM controls the day to day administration and management reporting requirements for the herd. The Dashboard highlights the events that are due to happen, cows that require attention and key performance indicators give a clear overview of the Herd’s targets and its performance.

UNIFORM Global Base
With UNIFORM Global Base herd management software, you have a perfect management program for smaller farms. This program gives you the tools you need for your every day administration, without bothering you with all functionalities you will never use. ?

You can expand UNIFORM Global Base with the UNIFORM App, your country specific link (when available) and a big farm module till 250 cows. If you desire more functionalities you can always upgrade to UNIFORM Global Professional.

UNIFORM Global Professional
With UNIFORM Global Professional herd management software, you have flexible actionlists and vet check reports to schedule daily and weekly events and highlight cows that require special attention. Intelligent reporting tools analyse production, fertility and herd health to highlight problems and then monitor any changes in herd management or feeding.

Big Farm Modules are required for larger herds, providing special group level reporting and the US Fertility Key Performance Indicators. You can expand your Professional package to suit your farm requirements with a range of additional modules. Please see below for a list of available modules. 

Sezer is the Turkish distributor of Uniform Agri since 2017